Replacement PECO Fuel Filter Coalescer Cartridge CAA56-5SB

Replacement PECO Fuel Coalescer Cartridges CAA56-5SB Filter Element. Coalescer filter element CAA56-5SB. Coalescing filter cartridge CAA56-5SB. Our replacement filter element can meet OEM specifications in Form, Fit, and Function.

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Our replacement CAA Series 5 coalescer cartridges offer the finest performance available. This high flow coalescer cartridges removes ultra-fine solids and enhances separation of water from fuel. The coalescer cartridge is a single-piece construction of various combined media, precisely arranged in many layers and pleats, wrapped around a coated, perforated metal center tube, all encased in an outer sock material.a. Improve the performance of the hydraulic system: By effectively filtering impurities and particles in the oil, it can prevent problems such as blockage and jamming in the hydraulic system, and improve the work efficiency and stability of the system. b. Extending system life: Effective oil filtration can reduce wear and corrosion of components in hydraulic systems, extend system service life, and reduce maintenance and replacement costs. c. Protection of key components: Key components in the hydraulic system, such as pumps, valves, cylinders, etc., have high requirements for oil cleanliness. The hydraulic oil filter can reduce wear and damage to these components and protect their normal operation. d. Easy to maintain and replace: The hydraulic oil filter element can usually be replaced regularly as needed, and the replacement process is simple and convenient, without the need for large-scale modifications to the hydraulic system.CAA11-5 CAA14-5 CAA14-5SB CAA22-5 CAA22-5SB CAA28-5 CAA28-5SB CAA33-5 CAA33-5SB CAA38-5 CAA38-5SB CAA43-5 CAA43-5SB CAA56-5 CAA56-5SB
Model Number CAA56-5SB
Filter Type Coalescer Filter
Filter Layer material Glass fiber
Filtration accuracy 0.5 microns
End caps material Nylon
Inner Core material Coreless

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