Replacement Mp-filtri Filter Element CU250M25N

We produce replacement MP Filtri filter elements. Filter element Cu250m25n using stainless steel wire mesh filter media, filtering accuracy of 25 microns. Folding filter media ensures high dirt holding capacity. Our replacement filter element CU250M25N can meet OEM specifications in form, fit, and function.

Products Details

The hydraulic oil filter element CU250M25N is a filter component used in the hydraulic system. Its main function is to filter the oil in the hydraulic system, remove solid particles, impurities and pollutants, ensure that the oil in the hydraulic system is clean, and protect the normal operation of the system. a. Improve the performance of hydraulic system: by effectively filtering impurities and particles in the oil, can prevent hydraulic system clogging, jam and other problems, improve the efficiency and stability of the system. b. Extend system life: effective oil filtration can reduce hydraulic system parts wear and corrosion, extend system life, and reduce maintenance and replacement costs. c. Protection of key components: the key components of the hydraulic system, such as pumps, valves, cylinders, etc. , on the cleanliness of the oil requirements are very high. Hydraulic oil filters can reduce the wear and damage of these components, and protect their normal work. d. Easy Maintenance and replacement: hydraulic oil filter components can usually be replaced regularly as required, the replacement process is simple and convenient, without large-scale transformation of the hydraulic system.
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Model Number CU250M25N
Filter Type Oil Filter Element
Filter Layer material Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Filtration accuracy 25 microns
End caps material Carbon Steel
Inner Core material Carbon Steel
Dimensions Od 99mmx id 52 x h 210mm

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